Welcome to Stephen Smith's Bounce-BackBand Website.  Stephen provides music in a variety of styles and formats, all perfectly authentic and true to each form's musical roots.  The reggae is root, the blues is bluezy, the funk is funky, the soul is soulful and the classic rock is, well, just classic.  Stephen is able to bounce-back and forth from one style to the next in seamless transitions, yet is versed enough in each style to provide an entire night of music in any genre. 

Stephen performs solo or with a variety of talented musicians, making each performance a unique experience.  On week nights Stephen can be found entertaining in clubs and restaurants solo, in duo, or with a small 3-piece combo.  On weekends and at larger events, Stephen can be seen with either Room Service (roomservicefunk.com) or with the Bounce-back Reggae Band.

Click on the music player below to hear Stephen singing with the Bounce-back band.  Solo and duo performances can be heard on the "Music" page.

Performing for Clearwater at Rensselaer Riverfront Park 

The Bounce-back Band will be performing from 5 to 7 at the Rensselaer Dock, under the Dunn Memorial Bridge for Clearwater. If you've wanted to check out the last remaining tall wooden ship on the Hudson, have a free deck tour and hear some great old-school funk, grab the kids and come down to the river. This is a free event! The Public Sail starts at 1PM. This is a great experience for young and old. $15 for kids, $35 for adult Clearwater Members and $50 for non members. Get your tickets here: https://www.clearwater.org/come-sailing/


We had a great time at this event and wish to thank everyone that came out!  Thanks Jude & Co. for the contact and the venue suggestions.  We really appreciate it

Next Performance at S&S Farm Brewery in Nassau NY 

Zen and I will be performing our classic rock, blues, reggae and funk set at the S&S Farm Brewery on Friday, June 3rd.  S&S Is located at 174 Middle Road, Nassau, NY.  Call them at 518-336-0766 for information on music and on their wonderful selection of locally crafted beers.  Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and hang out with great brew and great music on Friday.

Wunderbar Bistro is a BLAST! 

We all had a great time at The Wunderbar.  The sisters rockin with Marty and the dudes dancing in the back (yes you know who you are) were off the hook.  The young lady singing along with every song and all the dancers and party people doing their thing were great.  This is one of our favorite venues and we look forward to 8/23 when we return.  Apologies to the dude that wanted advance notice of our gigs.  Best bet is to get on line and check us out here.  As a matter of policy we won't advertise another gig at a gig in the same town that we will be playing in.  We appreciate having a following but we wont steal one.  Thanks to everyone that told us we were the best band to play Wunderbar.  Hudson we love you!

BBB at the Wunderbar 

Tomorrow is our gig at The Wunderbar in Hudson.  Check the gig-book on this page for directions.  We're expecting a good crowd and a lot of energy.  John Biancouli on sax and Marty Malone on guitar will join Me, Norm and Terry Hampton for a night of funk and reggae.  Hope you can make it,

Norm Nielsen---Movie Star 

Hey, Norm Nielsen, the Bounce Back Band Bassman is featured in a new documentary available on You Tube.  You can find it here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_Uc_trq4-I or search You Tube for "Eye of the Storm: Full Documentary.  The movie is an intimate look at positive and uplifting people including our good buddy Norm.  Check it OUT!

American Glory Wind-down 

Norm and I are chillin' out after a really great time at American Glory BBQ last Friday Night.  We had a great and generous crowd and they wouldn't let us leave until last call.  Thanks Hudson for being such a great audience for our music.  Next up is Hudson again where we bring the full band to The Wunderbar on Saturday Night.  This week we're featuring John Biancouli on Sax and Terry Hampton on drums.  This regular gig is turning into a huge party.  The place has been packed whenever we play and the dancing is nearly non stop.  See you soon Hudson NY!  BTW American Glory is having us back again on August 1st and the following day we're at Yannis Too in Coeymans.

Stephen at Professor Java's on Friday 7/11/14 

Sorry, Its been a while since the last post but here's the latest:
Stephen will be performing solo at Professor Java's from 7 to 9 PM on Friday, July 11, 2014.  Come down for some Blues and Classic Rock!

Stephen and Norm will be at American Glory BBQ, Hudson NY on Friday, July 18, 2014 at 8 PM.  Great food in a great venue!

The Bounce Back Band will be at Wunderbar in Hudson NY on Saturday July 26, 2014 at 10 PM.  Full band, funk, Reggae.

Stephen and Norm will be at American Glory BBQ, Hudson NY again on August 1, 2014 at 8 PM

Stephen and Norm will be at Yanni's Too, Coeymans NY on Saturday August 2nd at 7:30 PM

Stephen and Guest will be at Cue in Saugerties NY on Friday August 8 at 6 PM

Stephen and Norm will be at the Stewart House in Athens NY on Saturday August 16th at 8 PM

The Bounce Back Band will be at Wunderbar in Hudson NY on August 23, 2014 at 10 PM

Stephen and Guest will be at Cue in Saugerties on September 12, 2014 at 6 PM

Open Mic-er 

Lately I've been hearing the term Open Mic-er used in a derogatory sense.  I want to take issue with this.  Last night I had a blast playing the open mic at TJ's in Scotia.  Some of the best players in the area host that jam and attend it as well.  Denny Dwyer (of the Double D Ranch), Chris and Eugene create a fantastic venue for musicians of all backgrounds and levels of ability.  I enjoy listening to everyone.  Last week I went to Rochester NY for my job and while there attended open mics at The Thirsty Frog and at Jefferys.  Both were great. 

To me, the pleasure of doing music is in performing in front of an audience either alone or with great musicians.  The level of pay is secondary, although I hate to see musicians being taken advantage of by owners that make a pile on drinks while stiffing the band.  Its a matter of respect.  But if I'm not booked and I don't have anything else that needs to be done, I love going to an open mic and checking out and playing with other musicians.  So far I've hit open mics in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Harriman, New Paltz, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, Utica, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Lake Placid and in Charleston SC, and Ft. Meyers, Florida.  The Low Country Blues Society puts on two great open mics in Charleston.  If you go there you should check them out.

The way I see it there's nothing wrong with being an open mic-er.  A few years ago my band was playing outside on Pearl Street near the hotel.  A couple of the back up singers from Steely Dan happened to hear us from their rooms and came on down to sit in.  Damn they were good and these sisters could wail.  When they sang Sweet Thing in harmony you'd a thought Chaka Khan was in the house.  They didn't expect to get paid for giving us their talent and so if you wanna call them open mic-ers then call me one too.

Successful Gig at Yanni's Too 

What a great time!  Yanni's performance was outside facing the river on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  The crowd was really wonderful and Norm and I had a great time entertaining them.  The group at the table right in front of us (you know who you are) were tons of fun and sang along with several of the songs.  The food at Yanni's is out of this world.  The pulled pork is fantastic, as is the calamari.  Our next show at Yanni's is August 2 from 7:30 to 10:30.  Can't wait!
Robin Nzinga Smith with Slam Allen
Photograph by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Robin Nzinga Smith with Slam Allen Photograph by Andrzej Pilarczyk

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Previous events

Solo Gig Aboard Clearwater

 —  —

Rhinecliff Dock, Amtrak Park and Ride, Rhinecliff, NY

This is a private educational sail funded by North River Friends of Clearwater for the benefit of the children of Coeymans Day Camp, which is provided by Riverview Baptist Church. Stephen will provide entertainment during the sail, along with lessons on river ecology, biology and history provided by the Clearwater Crew.

March for the Ocean, Music by Stephen Smith

Cold Spring Dock aboard Clearwater, Dockside Park, Cold Spring, NY

Sat, June 9, Stephen Smith provides music for March for the Ocean (M4O); 10:00 a.m. - 12 noon MARCH FOR THE OCEAN
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater will host a Clean Water Forum to present a current a State of the Hudson report in cooperation with Riverkeeper, Scenic Hudson, the Hudson River Watershed Alliance, and others at the dock at Cold Spring. This local event will occur during the March For the Ocean (M4O), a nation-wide movement organized by Blue Frontier Campaign to demand water protection. As an arm of the sea, the Hudson River Estuary environmental conditions are directly connected with the global oceans. We will explore current challenges and successes of water protection while delivering our 'Cargo of Concern'.


Clearwater Tribute at the Linda

The Linda, 339 Central Ave, Albany, NY

A family-friendly event featuring Annie and the Hedonists, Three Quarter North and the Bounce-Back Band in a special event to support Hudson River Sloop and the legacy of Pete Seeger. All proceeds will go to provide educational sails aboard Clearwater to deserving local school groups.

Stephen Smith and Friends

Coxsackie Riverfront Park, South River Street, Coxsackie, New York

Join us as we sail aboard Clearwater with noted bird expert Rich Guthrie as he points out bird species and habitats along the beautiful Hudson River. Stephen will provide a sea shanty sing-a-long on the return trip and dockside music with friends as the picnic snack meal is served.

See Flyer above. This is a fund-raiser to support Clearwater Environmental Action