Wunderbar Bistro is a BLAST!

We all had a great time at The Wunderbar.  The sisters rockin with Marty and the dudes dancing in the back (yes you know who you are) were off the hook.  The young lady singing along with every song and all the dancers and party people doing their thing were great.  This is one of our favorite venues and we look forward to 8/23 when we return.  Apologies to the dude that wanted advance notice of our gigs.  Best bet is to get on line and check us out here.  As a matter of policy we won't advertise another gig at a gig in the same town that we will be playing in.  We appreciate having a following but we wont steal one.  Thanks to everyone that told us we were the best band to play Wunderbar.  Hudson we love you!

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