Our Story

The Bounce-Back Band formed when long-time Reggae fan Steve Smith got together with Norm Neilsen back in 2007 to put together a Reggae and Funk Band.  Steve met Norm in 2000 when he first moved to the Albany area, but it took 7 years before both were available to collaborate on a project.  Working through various drummers they finally decided that despite the distance, the best sound was with Steve's lifelong friend and Kingston area resident, Terry Hampton on Drums.  Terry is of the most accomplished and well rounded drummers you can find, fluent in Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Fusion, you name it.  With a solid rhythm section and Steve's vocals, all that remained was to bring in the right lead player. 

That was found in Marty Maloney, whom Steve knew for years from both of their visits to the CRBN Sunday Night Blues Jams (CRBN.org) and Marty's various local bands.  Marty has the knack for getting just the right tone and just the right feel.  He was born to play in a funk band. 

That should have been it.  After all, these days a 4 piece band is hard enough to book....but, Steve was playing bass in The Funk Merchant Jazz Project and met John Bianculli.  John has the mellowest, most expressive sax tone, an incredible ear, and a powerful sense of rhythm and timing.  He fit the band like a glove and so, then, we were five...

But, then, Steve was hanging out at the Dinosaur BBQ jam and heard Kevin Hendrick on trumpet.  Kevin has a highly versatile tone, an incredible sense of style and is a master of arrangements.  We are now unabashedly a six piece band and we aren't looking back.